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Mostrando las entradas de noviembre 1, 2007

Circula un Virus en un Email Falso de la FTC

En esta ocasión quiero comentar respecto a un e-mail que anda circulando con un archivo adjunto que contiene un virus informático. Al parecer, este e-mail comenzó a circular a finales de Octubre 2007 y supuestamente viene a nombre de la Federal Trade Comission como remitente. El original dice como sigue:

Dear (Name),

A complaint has been filled against you and the company you are affiliated to by Mr. George Hanson and sent to Federal Trade Comission by fax,in witch he's claiming that he has been cheated by you and your company in paying a greater ammount of money than the one appearing on the invoice you gave him for using your services.

The complaint states he contacted your company on MON, 22 OCT 2007, trying to solve this situation without interference from any Governmental Institution , but your company refused to take action.

On WED, 24 OCT 2007, the complaint was sent by fax to Federal Trade Commission and we forwarded it to Internal Revenue Service and Better Business Bureau.